You’ve likely thought about buying your own cozy nest. You have a vision in your mind of how you’ll place your furniture, the color scheme, family bbq days…

So, why are you still renting?  Or to put it bluntly:  Why are you still paying off your landlord’s mortgage?!  (OUCH!!  That hurts.)  Let’s consider the many pluses of homeownership:

  1. Tax benefits – You get to write-off your property taxes and mortgage interest payments.
  2. Wealth building – Homeownership is the best indicator of wealth. Generally, real estate appreciates in value. Unlike a car that instantly loses value the moment you drive off the car lot.
  3. Well-being and Security – A warm glow of pride, satisfaction with life and with how far you’ve come in life. You now belong to an elite group of homeowners.
  4. Creative freedom – It’s YOURS! Paint it any color, make any changes and renovations. Have a pet – or more. No landlord limiting your creative juices and lifestyle.
  5. Privacy – No more sharing space with friends or family. No more getting caught up in their drama – create your own drama, hahaha.
  6. Belonging – A commitment and belonging to the community where you have your home.
  7. Potential rental income – As your lifestyle, income and family size change, you may want to acquire a larger home – or downsize. You may want to consider renting out your first home and be a landlord yourself – make your tenant pay your mortgage!

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