Many of us just can’t wait to “grow up” and leave our parents’ home and into our own nest.  However, oftentimes, life happens and we need to all co-habit.  There’s this fancy term used for this – “Multi-generational living.”  In many cultures, we just call it “extended family living.”  Same-same.

There are many benefits to multi-generational living:

  1. Grandkids get to reap the benefits of having grandpa and grandma around – the stories the kids will hear of days then, learning to respect and care for the elders, grandma’s family recipes, etc..
  2. Many studies have shown that the mental and emotional health of the grandparents are so much better with young ones around.
  3. Not having to pay for old-age long-term care.  Or to pay for 2 homes – yours and your parents’.
  4. Sharing expenses, sometimes.
  5. And, let’s admit it – grandparents make great default babysitters!

With the rising costs of home prices, there are more benefits and advantages to multi-generational living than there are inconveniences.

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